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Sheen Magazine’s, Kimberly Knight, Talks Becoming An HIV/AIDS Activist, Her Rising Career & Much More!

You might’ve seen her byline here before as Kimberly is’s first contributing writer, however,  there is way more to Ms. Knight’s story! While she continues to elevate and break down barriers for Women in Entertainment, it cant be denied that her passion and purpose will lead to great things in the future. Here’s why:

N: You have such a powerful story. What encouraged you to become an HIV/AIDS Activist?

K: Thank you so much you are too kind. It started Wednesday, September 26, 2012 the day my husband passed away. At that point I did not know the spectrum of his story just his diagnosis of being positive with AIDS. Still, I had this internal feeling that my story would be used to be a voice for others. The HIV/AIDS community faces so much stigma and shaming that I knew I wanted to somehow assist in my own community. After time went on and I was able to research his journey with HIV I realized that his life was cut short due to stigma. That’s when I became very active in my community and accepted that initiate feeling I was having was real to be an activist.    

N: How were you able to move past such a difficult point in your life ?
K: It was truly my faith and obedience to God to forgive my husband in the hospital. I didn’t allow what other’s personal opinions were of me be a distraction from the assignment I know God placed over my life. The reason I know I was meant to do this  is because of the positive feedback I have received. Sure there have been challenges along the way but knowing that I was being committed to the cause was the blessing that saved my life. This is how I was able to move forward. 
N: What advice do you give to women (even men) who have gone through similar situations and also STD awareness?
K: First, I would say get tested and know your own status. Its empowering to know where you are in your sexual health so you can make informed decisions and that goes for all STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections). Next, know your partners status if your sexually active. Go together to get tested and be open in your conversations about your sexual health because you are trusting this person with your body. Lastly, spread the word! Encourage friends, family, social media followers to get tested. No matter the outcome of your test there are people and resources that are there to support you. Your not alone and if you have loss a loved one to HIV/AIDS just know your voice matters too. 
N: Your career is definitely a huge factor, talk about how you how you entered into the entertainment business?
K: It started with a simple Facebook post about losing my husband back in Fall 2012. I got a message from our editor at the time at Sheen Magazine asking if I was a writer. I told her no more than just a hobby but she encouraged me to write a submission and so did my therapist. So I submitted and here we are 3 years later I’m a Contributing Writer for Sheen Magazine. I’ve been able to report on red carpets, interview your favorite celebrities, and work with a staff that feels like a connected family.
N: What has been your proudest moment thus far?
K: My proudest moments I must say have been after I’ve spoken at my HIV Awareness college tour and someone comes up to me to say because of my story they will disclose their status to their partner or family. That’s so humbling and major to me because being able to have that impact is life-changing. I must mention the “Red is the New Black” Fashion Show because that was a major way I was able to give back to the community. Having community partners like University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Center for AIDS, The 2BeatHIV Project, and acclaimed actress Sheryl Lee Ralph coming together to bring my idea to fruition was amazing. Currently, I’m a Graduate Research Assistant for UNC’s The 2BeatHIV Project.
N: Talk about The Lux Blog……
K: The position at Sheen Magazine inspired me to create The Lux Blog, my personal blog about art, culture, style, and entertainment for North Carolina my home state. Its an amazing platform for North Carolina artists, musicians, business owners, DJs, radio personalities, and we have been fortunate enough to receive support from people in entertainment from Atlanta, New York, and Philly. Having people on the blog like actor Khalil Kain from Juice and Girlfriends that respect your brand is amazing. We are going into our 2nd year and we can’t wait to bring more content, events, and interviews to our subscribers.
N: What would you say is the hardest part about running your own website?
K: Its consistency with content at times because you want to make sure that you are giving the subscribers what they want. That’s the hardest part but I’ve been blessed to have supportive people in my life that want to see the blog succeed. 
N: Where do you see yourself in the next year?
K: Next year I see myself releasing my first book about my journey with my husband. I see myself moving into a promotion with Sheen Magazine that’s in the works now. The Lux Blog will be increasing in content and merchandise as we move our site over to a new platform and I plan to travel more doing HIV awareness. 
We cant wait! Be sure to keep up with Kimberly’s Budding Career!

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