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Senior Manager At Spotify, Amber Grimes, Shares How She Built A Successful Career In Entertainment!

You would never guess that Amanda Grimes started out as a College Drop Out! Having worked closely with stars like Nick Cannon, the Industry Vet has made the most of her journey thus far and shows no signs of slowi. ng down anytime soon! She recently chatted with Forbes writer, Adunola Adelshola about her career, her new position at Spotify and much more!

Last year, mentally, I didn’t feel like I was doing enough. I was around a bunch of cool people and I was doing a bunch of cool things. But I wasn’t learning anything anymore and that is ultimately failure to me. The whole idea of wanting more, is not wanting more money. My desire is to be challenged all the time. That’s what gave me the push to decide that it’s time to do something bigger now, and I made that decision at the exact moment that I became aware of my content and realized I was too comfortable. I was like, “I can pay my bills, I’m hanging out here, I know these people, I’m traveling and I’m so comfortable right I️ now but I can do more than this.”< strong>When I tweeted that I’m about to change my life on Twitter that day, I did it so that I could hold myself accountable for it. It was a slow process. I didn’t know what I was about to change. I didn’t know what was about to happen. But on that day, I decided that everything was going to be do or die now. Either, I fully attack everything that I want to go after or I fail.”


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