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Look Out For The Owner & Founder Of The Cheeky Brand!

Her name is Asia, aka Vavaboom and she is the owner of the next go- to media outlet! The Cheeky brand consists of three separate entities, the blog: CheekyWiki.com , its popular Instagram account: @theofficialcheekywiki_ & the Internet Radio Show: Cheeky Radio!

So you’ve guessed it, with a large following, Asia’s business continues to grow at a fast pace as her supporters tune into Cheeky for the latest Entertainment News! Asia is a well seasoned journalist who has been fully equipped with the knowledge and background to deliver the TEA on celeb news! She defines ‘Cheeky’ as being “brazen or impudent in an endearing or amusing way.” This perfectly describes the tone of the blog and her personal writing style.

Learn More about Asia and the Cheeky Brand in the Q&A (via Cheekywiki.com) below:

” Q: How did you come up with the name “Cheekywiki,” for your Entertainment News site?

A: Good question. The word “Cheeky,” by definition means to be brazen or impudent in an endearing or amusing way. When people use the term they’re often referring to something or someone with a little attitude, mixed with sarcasm, and inappropriate naughtiness. That’s the EXACT tone of my Entertainment stories and writing style . So, there’s a little insight to the “Cheeky” part of my website’s name. As for the “wiki,” I liked the way it sounded after “Cheeky,” lmao.

Q: What made you start your website?

A: As a working journalist, I believe it’s good to have something to call your own. Though I have landed positions with top media companies, I was unfulfilled with my work merely furthering their brands and not having one to further of my own. Cheekywiki is only a few months old and has hundreds of thousands of global readers. My entertainment and gossip site is something I am very proud of and I am blessed to be able to bring my audience quality salacious celebrity news.

Q: Why do you call yourself  “Vavabooom,” and “MUVA”?

A: LOL! Okay, Vavabooom is like Beyonce’s “Sasha Fierce.” Vava is my alter ego. SHE is serves sex and salaciousness in the stories featured on Cheeky. Now, MUVA… SHE knows it all, tells it all, shows it all and does it well. She’s like your favorite auntie after two drinks, mixed with a drag queen, and a therapist all tied up in one. She gives her two cents with NO HOLDS BARRED, but’s shes sweet and empathetic at the same time.

Q: What do you want to say to your readers?

A: It would be that I genuinely love them. I read EVERY comment on the site, the blog, Twitter, Instagram, you name it. I read and try to acknowledge everything positive that people have to say about my work. I appreciate people who hit me up with stories ideas or pictures that they think will work with my content. I appreciate people who write into our advice column “MUVA Knows Best.” And I just appreciate them for loving me and what I do. And I would tell them to chase their goal. I’m chasing mine everyday with Cheeky and sometimes it’s a thankless job. Sometimes people don’t realize how much time and energy it takes to build your own brand and they don’t recognize you as a contender in your niche/industry. BUT F**K THEM. Do what you can do every single day. Don’t get overwhelmed or discouraged. Do something that gets you one step closer to what and who you want to be in this world.”

We see you girl! Be sure to keep up with Asia & the Cheeky  Brand!


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