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Look Out For Fashion Stylist & Newly Published Author, Sara Crawford- Jones

With 13 years in the fashion industry, Sara A. Crawford- Jones truly lives by her own quote; “Fashion isn’t just a career, it’s a lifestyle”.
Living as an Albino African-American women who has a slight visual impairment, Sara enjoys participating with various community and nonprofit organizations like The Division for the Visually Impaired and The National Diabetes Association. She believes that fashion can be used as a platform and a form of expression to provide awareness to social topics and issues. Anara Original was created in 2004. The brand name derives from her first name (Sara) and middle name (Ann). Sara believes that her designs should always convey the idea that fashion is “wearable art” and sees herself as an expert of “adding” to a look. She takes a unique approach to fashion by taking something plain and turning it into something extraordinary. Anara Original has been featured in LA Fashion Week and major publications such as Lucky Magazine and Teen Vogue. Black Celebrity Giving named her a “Change Maker and Young Philanthropist” and was voted People’s Choice by Delaware Fashion Week 2015.
In May of 2016, Sara expanded her brand by writing her first self-published book titled, The Playbook to Essential Style- Learn, Build and Explore Your Style. Sara shares with her readers her style story and provides the basic styling techniques to build a stylish and chic wardrobe. While completing her book, Sara launched a fashion and lifestyle blog called, Blondie Jones. The blog allows Sara to share her life as a wife, entrepreneur and her love for cooking and making party
drinks. Sara is continuing to share her brand book by hosting a multi-city book tour called, Style Conversation. Hosted in an intimate setting, Sara joins fashion enthusiast, fashion bloggers and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to network, discuss style, business and success.
We had the pleasure of speaking with Sara about her career and much more! Learn more below:

NR: Hi Sara!  First, can we talk about your background and how you made it to 13 years in the fashion industry?   SC: “Laughs out loud… Who would have ever thought!?!  It’s one of the hardest industries to be a part of and I am still working hard to achieve my goals. I have worked for, Express, Limited Too, Tommy Hilfiger, DDC Lab, H&M, so many brands.  And I have learned so much about the retail industry as a whole being able to work in so many capacities.  Retail associate, Visual merchandiser, Production Assistant, to Designer I have done it all and I appreciate every lesson and experience. “  NR: What has been the biggest challenge for you career wise?    SC: ” I don’t think there’s one specific thing that has been difficult however the fashion industry is a very hard and obtaining mainstream attention one of the biggest challenges.  Remaining fresh and innovative and trying to obtain the attention and publicity you need to get to your end goal is mostly the hardest.  I have lots of brand exposure that I am grateful for and I’m working even  harder to receive the exposure on the next level.”  NR: How often does your career cross paths with the Entertainment Industry?    SC: “Believe it or not the fashion industry and the entertainment industry go hand-in-hand.  A lot of times designers creators partner with an in-house with  those in the entertainment industry because of they are a mainstream celebrity.  It’s a great way to gain more exposure and to build a bigger fan base and/or audience.  Some of my clients have been in the entertainment industry. There are times I am hired to work wardrobe on video shoots and for entertainers photo shoots, so yes very often my path of fashion is crossed with the entertainment industry.” fullbody NR: You have a knack for this so we HAVE to ask! What is the biggest key to turning a simple look up a notch?    SC: “You know style is all about personal expression and preference.  I personally don’t believe there are some specific rules you must follow them however I do feel like building a chic wardrobe the start with a simple look, simple pieces, simple foundation. Turn your look up a notch it’s pretty simple it’s all about your accessories and how you’re going to merchandise that look.  An amazing shoe, a statement necklace or bracelet will really take your look to the next level.  And depending the look maybe a pashmina or printed scarf in place of the necklace.  And always consider creating a beautiful color palette and I love your accessories to compliment. Simple yet eye catching.”  NR: Your biggest inspiration when creating a design is…   SC: “On the spot about so many things it could be as simple as me walking down the street and being inspired by the fall flowers or flipping through the pages of Vogue magazine.  Most times things that catch my eye when I’m designing and I’m looking to be inspired or color palettes and details I’m all about the details a lot of that has to do with me being a merchandiser for so many years as well.  Although I like simplistic design I like the details to take the little over the top.”  NR:  If you had the chance to style one celeb who would you pick and why?    SC: ” I love so many celebrities but I have to say the one that comes to mind is Solange.  I absolutely adore her style and I love the fact that she is absolutely willing to be open-minded with texture color palettes materials and design.   I feel that would be the perfect person to style because she would be so open-minded to something unique and she would carry the look with confidence.”  NR: What can you supporters look forward to from you in the future?   SC: “I’m working hard on so many things, Style Conversation is my nontraditional book tour, networking entrepreneurial event. It happens about every 3 months and it’s a multi-city tour our next stop is Florida in March.  I’m also working to re-launch my brand Amara Original and about a year during an event called pigment which is inspired by albinism and me and being an albino African American.  And lastly I have created small series of educational trainings about style the first one is called advancing your brand with Style.” bookcover Congratulations to Sara on all of her success! Be sure to keep up with her budding career! @anaraoriginal


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