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Gems Dropped: 5 Things To Learn From The President Of Roc Nation, Chaka Pilgrim 

She is one of the most respected Executives in the music industry who, without hesitation, is always willing to share some serious Gems! Hot 97‘s TT Torez hosted a sit down with Chaka Pilgrim earlier this year , where aspiring media professionals got a chance to converse and connect with the leading lady of Roc Nation!  So before you watch the the full interview. Here are the 5 things I learned from Chaka: 

5. Having a huge responsibility in any industry does mean that you don’t make mistakes. It’s about owning up to those decisions and LEARNING from them. 

4. Most times, women are not being catty. Take a minute to decifer whether YOU are overthinking a situation. 

3. Do all things with a smile on your face and be thankful for every opportunity! It’s all an investment in yourself. 

2. When it’s your time, it is YOUR time. Keep working!

1.Do your best to stay focused at all times! 


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