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Exclusive: Getting To Know Rising Artist, Sagan!

We’ve already gotten into her music, NOW it is time to get to know Sagan the Artist! She is quickly making a name for herself in the music industry and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon! On the heel of her brand new EP “Wildflower”, Sagan exclusively let us into her world, what fans cant expect from her music and much more!

NR:  Who is Sagan the artist?

 S: “I am a free spirit! I use my personal life experiences as vessels within my music.”

NR:  What has been the most rewarding and difficult part of pursuing your


S: “The most rewarding part is performing because I’ve always dreamt of doing it & to finally be able to experience something so amazing is the greatest feeling ever. I honestly don’t believe in difficulty. Everything I’ve done musically has either brought me closer to my goal or hindered me of things that were not meant for me. It’s all about choices & I’m happy either way.”

3. If you can describe your music in 3 words, what would they be?

“Therapeutic, feisty, & passion.”


4. Talk about your latest EP ‘Wildflower’, and latest single!

“My EP “Wildflower” is my sophomore project! I love it because of the messages within certain songs. My music is all about growing & moving out of bad relationships, but doin it like a boss! Lol! My single “Pull Up” came from being a woman! Lol! I truly believe that at some point in time EVERY woman in a relationship has had a stake out on her significant other!”

Our Favorite Tracks ?

8. Love Don’t Live Here

3. All Night

2. Hustle Girl

10. Walk Away

& In that order!

NR: Things are starting to move pretty fast and you’re getting recognized by major outlets like , how are you taking it all in?

S: “I’m simply taking it all in! I’m so happy & so blessed but I’ve worked my ass off for these opportunities! I’m excited!”

NR:  Who inspires you & what artist would you want to work with in the future?

S: “I’m inspired by oldies! I don’t have a specific artist in general. N the future I’d really love to work with Big Sean!”

NR: Are you looking to be signed to a major label or remain independent?

S: “I’m looking to remain independent and in the event that the perfect situation comes along I’ll sign!”

NR:  Lastly, What do you want your fans and new listeners to get from the EP?

S: “I want my listeners to feel me! I sing about things that everyone has been through, so I want them to relate.”.


There you have it! Dive into all of Sagan’s music here & be sure to keep up with her Budding Career!


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